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People have these ideas of what you're supposed to do to have a career, like play against type, or don't revisit a character.

Spoofing aspects of the character while visiting lottery winners, he would complain about his own sound effects, arm wrestle, etc., in a series of advertisements.

[on Elizabeth Taylor (1967)] My greatest thrill in the three years I've been in Hollywood was the night I went to the screening of King Rat (1965) and the party after, that Elizabeth and Richard Burton gave for George Segal.

(Upon its release, this movie caused quite a bit of drama, and was protested by gay rights activists who felt stigmatized.) is a 2001 British film about a man who falls in love with the woman he's having casual sex with—only to realize she's married and has no plans to leave her husband (sorry, that was definitely a spoiler).

The sex is real, which is pretty rare for a mainstream movie that won Best Film at the Berlin Film Festival.

To this day, most sex scenes in Hollywood films are simulated, but sometimes actors actually have real sex on-screen, whether because the director thinks it’s necessary or because they want to.

This circa-1980 thriller by William Friedkin stars Al Pacino as a cop who's trying to find a serial killer targeting gay men.

The film's original version featured footage of gay sex, and while some frames remain visible in the final cut, a lot was deleted to nab an R rating.

The pivotal fourth novel in the seven-part tale of Harry Potter's training as a wizard and his coming of age.

Harry wants to get away from the pernicious Dursleys and go to the International Quidditch Cup with Hermione, Ron, and the Weasleys.

“I’ll probably have to go to therapy at some point,” she also said.

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