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Everyone assumed perfectionism was delaying Nas’s album.

Though I hate to admit it, in my view, Nas was simply relaxed to the point of apathy about going into the studio.

From that street corner in Seoul to one of the most powerful women in professional sports as the co-owner of two major league franchises, and the Pegula Sports & Entertainment empire.

As the co-owner of the Bills and Sabres, the two sports franchises that are helping to drive the revitalization of Buffalo, Kim is in position to effect real change, and she hasn't wasted the opportunity, taking control of big projects and bringing them to fruition.

MAY 17--In a troubling breach of security, a hip-hop publication this week posted a photograph taken inside the Brooklyn courtroom where a high-profile federal narcotics case is proceeding before jurors hearing evidence from a series of protected government witnesses.

The photo, published Tuesday on the web site of The Source magazine, accompanied a story recounting that day’s testimony at the trial of James Rosemond, the hip-hop manager on trial for allegedly heading a multimillion-dollar cocaine distribution ring.

Visitors to the Brooklyn facility walk through a metal detector and have their bags passed through an X-ray scanner.

Prohibited items are collected by Unites States marshals and held in an office until they are returned upon an individual’s departure from the courthouse.

And it wasn’t burning ambition that kept bumping back Illmatic’s release date.

A second individual is also seated at the table in the picture, which appears to have been taken from the courtroom’s spectator benches.

With the exception of court officials and attorneys, nobody is allowed to bring cameras, cell phones, recorders, or other electronic devices into the federal courthouse.

It’s hard to overstate Illmatic’s importance: Last year, Michael Eric Dyson edited Born To Use Mics: Reading Nas’ Illmatic, a compilation of essays about the album from leading members of the smart set.

The book arrived on the heels of Matthew Gasteier’s entry on the instant classic for the 33 1/3 book series.

Kim began her writing career in the 90s, freelancing about Hip hop music for publications such as The Source, Vibe, XXL, Billboard, One World and others.

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