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However, if she took the money from me, where is she now? Toor claimed he sent money to Manuel for her placement fee, visa processing, airfare and dormitory expenses in Manila totaling about P100,000. In his letter to the police, Toor attached a photocopy of Arkishra’s visa with Karylle’s picture on it and some photos of Karylle taken from her blog.Police, however, were not equipped to handle Toor’s case and decided to turn it over to the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group since the unit has a cyber crimes section based in Camp Crame, according to Senior Insp."Live a life of love, focus on the good," said Yuzon in his response to one follower who tagged Vice Ganda and Karylle's act as indecent. Yuzon said it was "all in the name of fun." "We're all friends. People just feel like sharing thoughts because they can," he said.

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George Ylanan, chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detective Management Branch of the Cebu police.

Police said the woman whom Toor met through the Internet obviously fooled the American.

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The second mall tour of Karylle happens to be in Manila.

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