Israel jewish singles dating site expands


She is funny and smart and wants to get married - specifically to a Jewish man.

"I want my children to grow up with Jewish values and be part of the Jewish community," she says.

"It's important for a married couple to have those common values and a similar heritage." Yet Jacqueline has had a hard time finding a suitable Jewish mate.

"My friends and I talk about it all the time," she says. You have fantastic women who are beautiful, intelligent, warm, great to be around, who have senses of humor and want to be wives and mothers, to be part of a couple - and we are not able to do that because the men are not in the same place." Jacqueline and Daniel are both indicative of a phenomenon well-known among Jewish communal leaders and dating experts.

The communities and resources of the Internet are perfect for learning about Judaism, and bringing members of the Jewish faith closer together.

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And MANY thanks to Eres Ezekiel for providing the Hebrew titles and English translations!A variety of resources serve our vibrant and growing community. Global Jewish Singles - Comprehensive Online Resource For Jewish Singles: Dating sites, personals sites, matchmaking sites, shadchans, events, groups, articles, shopping, news, stories and more. Big Beautiful Jewish Women and Handsome Jewish Men - Plus size single Jewish men and women looking for their beshert.Is it possible to be gay and frum (a religious observant Jew)? Members are single, Jewish, and either plus size themselves or interested in meeting someone who is. Net - is a network of database-driven synagogue web sites. Of course you would want this information on your shul's web site."I feel there is a much bigger division between those who are observant of any religion [and] those who are non-observant than there is between religions." He would therefore rather that his children be "unobservant Christians" than very religious Jews.Now meet "Jacqueline" (who wished to remain anonymous): she is 32, also grew up in a Conservative home, lives in New York City and works in the non-profit sector.With the tensions and conflicts that can exist in a relationship, Spencer said the foundation of faith becomes an important unifying force.

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