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Hollywood still favors men over women to an astonishing degree, Hilary Swank told a gathering of students Nov. "My male counterpart will get paid 10 times more than me — 10 times," she said, speaking at the Loyola Marymount University School of Film & TV. But us women know exactly what that feels like right now in 2014 — talking about gay, lesbian, transgender issues and how far they've come … How great that Tommy Lee Jones, this person that people see as this rough man, is at the helm of telling this feminist story." While lamenting the lack of solid roles for women, she also explained her resistance to television — despite the fact that she is one of the most sought-after actresses for series TV each new season. Whatever it is, I mean it's endless the amount of choices. Everyone always is like, you have really good posture. And then I started working actually with Larry Moss right around-actually it might have been probably . And so boxing was a really good analogy for me to try and carry that in my everyday life all the time. [LAUGHTER] He would like carry this thing around his neck like a little portable monitor where he would just like… You'll do your homework, you come to set, you'll be ready. And one of the most fun sets I've ever been on. Only because I want to see again, I'm a visual learner. So if I'm, if there's something that I think that I'm doing, whether it's the way I walk, if, you know, if I what we talked about before. [LAUGHTERTER] GALLOWAY: People are being driven in their car, so it's harder to have that interaction. No, I mean, yes, you're not walking, so you're not in the thick of it, but no, I mean, you can still go out and, you know, have a life. That were once taken out, you might go why did she do that? [LAUGHTER] GALLOWAY: Research, what did you do for this? GALLOWAY: Do you prefer film where you don't have that much, you haven't done much stage, have you? The idea of playing a character for even two years to me, to me feels claustrophobic only because I want to play a lot of different people.

And yet there's an influx of male roles and there's just not for women." Read more Hilary Swank Angles for Another Shot at Oscar With ' The Homesman' The two-time Academy Award-winning actress (, in which she co-stars opposite Tommy Lee Jones, who also directs. 14 in limited release.) She plays Mary Bee Cuddy, a pioneer charged with transporting three mentally ill women from Nebraska to Iowa. "It's about the objectification and trivialization of women and it takes place in the mid-1800s. So, there's that and yes, the tonality too, a quality of how a person speaks and do they speed up a little bit every now and then or do they drop down to their-you know, how to they take a big breather before they talk? So, there's a lot of bad stuff that is out there that I started in, to try and figure it out. I took every single role that I was given to try and learn my craft. It's the most professional set I've ever been on. But I do like to watch and I usually watch about maybe a week or less. SWANK: To be, well yeah, there's no Metro here, but… SWANK: I wouldn't say "ruins," but I would say there are moments, there are scenes that had been cut from movies where I think helped define the character and the choices that I've made within that character. GALLOWAY: Well we should say that the thrust of the story is that the Hilary character has to transport these women who've gone mad across the country with the help of Tommy Lee Jones. Sometimes he'd do three just for luck as he'd say. This person, me, wants to just talk character, finding that time to talk character. But as a performer, I don't like to play the same thing over and over. That's also why television hasn't really been something that I've done either.

She has been in three celebrity relationships averaging approximately 7.2 years each.

held at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on Thursday (December 15) in Los Angeles.

Hilary Swank (born 30.7.1974) Hilary Swank is an Oscar-winning American actress.

She has won Academy Awards for her roles in Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby.

The 40-year-old actress and her beau of nearly two years were seen enjoying a casual stroll along the Hudson River in New York City on Wednesday as they made their way back to their apartment after enjoying a game of tennis.

Hilary will next be seen in period drama The Homesman starring opposite Tommy Lee Jones in the film about a claim jumper and a pioneer woman who team up to escort three insane women from Nebraska to Iowa.

In California, Swank enrolled in South Pasadena High School, dropping out later because of her ADHD and lack of interest. I didn't even feel like the teachers wanted me there.

At the age of nine, Hilary Swank became involved in school drama productions, and starred in The Jungle Book as well as becoming involved in the Bellingham Theatre Guild.

Whilst attending Sehome High School, Swank developed her sporting talent and competed in the Junior Olympics and the Washington State Games in swimming and gymnastics.

Once there, Hilary enrolled in South Pasadena High School, and began acting professionally.

With the money that she earned acting in TV shows such as Growing Pains, she helped her mother to pay the rent.

Other guests this season have included Charles Roven, Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Mann, Hans Zimmer and James L. Our guest today is one of my favorite actresses, whose had an astonishing career, whose life has been as fascinating as her career, whose made films from , which she'll talk. Not for me really as an artists but because I didn't want to let' this person down. It was a huge, enormous responsibility to play this real life character. SWANK: Well, I mean I don't even know what the definition of method is because I feel like some people feel like method is living in it all the time. To me method is doing all your research and knowing what your character is inside and out. [LAUGHTER] And then he'd just, you know, he would give very few direction. And I, they allowed me to work with a dialect coach before going onto filming. And then on the third one, you get one of his stare downs. I didn't want to be one of these things is not like the other, you know, from Sesame Street. It might just be something that I've, I'm trying to bring to my character and I just want to see that it's there. GALLOWAY: Would you then argue the point or do you just drop it? Oh and they, we like any other creative process, you talk out why it didn't make it. We were filming in New Mexico in February, March and April. [LAUGHTER] Okay, so you know that there's all four seasons in one day during that time of year. [LAUGHTER] GALLOWAY: What kind of research did you do to prepare for this?

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