Is cher still dating ron zimmerman


She went on to speak about her children, and referred to 41-year-old CHAZ BONO's gender change, saying, "I have two sons.

Over the decades, Cher has been as well known for her romances as she is for her fierce sense of style and her hit songs.

Cher, the Believe Star also unveiled the fact of their dating in an interview with ABC Series.

The Pop Star, Cher is 64 years old and Zimmerman is a 52 year old.

(Initially, she was also supposed to be his housekeeper, and he told her he didn’t find her “very attractive.”) But Sonny changed his mind and went in for a kiss during a movie night.

They married in 1964, welcomed daughter Chastity in 1969 (who at age 40, transitioned to life as a man and now goes by Chaz), and then separated in 1974, with Sonny citing “irreconcilable differences.” Though their divorce was ugly at times, they eventually forged a friendship.

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CLAUDIA CONNELL looks back at all the other men in her eventful love life ...

Before this Cher was involved with Warren Betty and Tom Cruise, fortunately now she is possessing great happy time with her new boyfriend, Ron Zimmerman.

RON ZIMMERMAN, a relatively unknown American screenwriter, is dating the pop superstar Cher.

Today, on certain web pages there are circulating many rumors about Cher and Ron Zimmerman that they are looking for marriage as it is reported, they have been dating around six months and were seen together publically in August. His wonderful Doc performance in family drama Series brought him to fame.

Ron Zimmerman is a famous American Screenwriter as well as comedian.

Cher later told Playboy: ‘I did it because my girlfriends were crazy about him and so was my mother. ’ Despite Warren failing to live up to his reputation in bed, the pair remained good friends.

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