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We muddled through with some memorable “that’s not what I meant” episodes that were made worse by our different cultural perspectives.

Masoud’s English was near perfect, but he was prone to word mix-ups that caused unnecessary arguments.

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I liked this idea and since myself, I married a foreigner (an Iranian), I was thinking it would be nice to publish an interview with our dearest friends: Jean and Reza. I am British and am interested in Persian culture / language and Iran itself.My problem is that time and again I meet men who think Oh, she’s easy because she is ‘English’ and they then revert back to marrying Persian girls. I hope that many members of our community write in and share their thoughts as well, and I hope that some of them serve to provide evidence contrary to your assumptions.And gradually he has realized that my cheerful “American” optimism doesn’t mean that I am always happy. Discussing the logistics of the boys’ three-way college drop-off this fall, I told Masoud his ideas were “malarkey.” He yelled back at me not to swear at him.We were approaching dangerous territory, which was only avoided when Masoud quickly looked up the offending word online.Once, I was insulted because he called me “durable” when, in fact, he was trying to tell me I was “adorable.” Then, too, language is more than words.

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