How often do dating couples have intercourse

There are lots of reasons a guy might choose oral sex over anything else, but they aren’t general incentives for most guys.

Ultimately, when you’re exploring with someone new, trial and error is often best for discovering what turns each of you on the most.

Couples that have become complacent in their relationship or too caught up with other things may not realize the benefits of a healthy sex life. It's easy to forget how important bedroom time is, especially when you've moved past the falling in love I-want-to-love-you-and-eat-you-and-become-one-body feeling and onto the I've-had-such-a-long-day-all-I-want-is-dinner-and-sleep phase.

But sex is important for so many reasons, both physical and emotional.

Is it possible that modern society’s contraceptive mentality is actually threatening marriage?Sex gives us a clue to how healthy an individual—and a relationship really is.In my next blog, I’ll focus on how to have more sex and why some couples rarely have sex. This one is a little unusual, however, in that the controversy involves sex between married people. A woman, two years married, went on a business trip.At the airport, she received an email from her husband containing a sarcastic note saying how little he would miss her.Of course, your partner will be sure to remind you of this reason the next time you try to use a headache as an excuse NOT to have sex.5. The oxytocin that is released during orgasm also promotes sleep—which may explain why your guy goes from 60 to zero in about five seconds after a romp.6. You may not feel like getting down and dirty after a difficult day at work, but sex can actually help reduce stress.

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