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From offshore drilling on the continental shelf we know that Antarctic glaciation began around 34 million years ago, if not earlier.

The land-based record of glaciation comes from two main mountain ranges, the Transantarctic Mountains and Prince Charles Mountains, but this record is sketchy and incomplete.

Here are some images of my Harwood, serial number 30852.

Do the serial numbers offer any clue as to date/location of building?

A pretty modest example but I would love to hear some thoughts from the Harwoodists. Try again, fail again, fail better.--Samuel Beckett ______________________ '05 Cuisinart Toaster '93 Chuck Taylor lowtops '12 Stetson Open Road '06 Bialetti expresso maker '14 Irish Linen Ramon Puig Wear out you welcome?

Bob, this kind of thread is exactly why I spend so much time here Thanks for checking in the catalog.

Harwood seems to have a history that cuts across a wide swath of design, construction, outsourcing, labeling and marketing practices of stringed instruments in this era.

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For those students needing a lab science course, this course meets the Lab Elective requirements.A glacial-geological controversy | The Sirius Debate | The view from East Antarctica | Summary | References | Comments | This page was contributed by Professor Michael Hambrey, and all figures and photographs are copyright Mike Hambrey. Antarctica displays a long-term (multi-million year) record of glacial history that is unsurpassed on Earth. Geologists have undertaken detailed studies of these diamictites, and all are agreed that they were laid down by glaciers as “till” under conditions much warmer than those of today; in fact, more like the polythermal glaciers of the Arctic. A marine and terrestrial Sirius Group succession, middle Beardmore Glacier-Queen Alexandra Range, Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica. The most remarkable thing about them is that they are associated with mats of vegetation, especially a shrubby form of southern beech, which today is found in New Zealand, Patagonia and Tasmania. In the case of the Transantarctic Mountains, the glacial sediments have generated enormous controversy regarding their age and significance in terms of understanding past ice-sheet stability. Neogene glacial record from the Sirius Group of the Shackleton Glacier area, central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica.

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