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And with no tie to Anna and a cast bursting to the seams, Sloane was suddenly unnecessary.

Mc Couch was asked to come back and reprise the role as planned, but for a shorter arc and only to be killed off.

You’ll remember that Sloane and Anna slept together – which had been brewing for awhile since there was a ton of sexual chemistry.

Thing was, Anna was in love with Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) and he had just died when she slept with Sloane, but Sloane had real feelings for Anna.

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As Loren is increasingly dazzled by (and welcomed into) Eddie's celebrity world, he is realizing how unhappy he is, trapped in a machine of his own making and at the mercy of his many fans and demanding manager Jake (Brandon Bell).Today’s “General Hospital” spoilers about Kyle Sloane (Grayson Mc Couch) will be a bummer for fans that were pleased when Robb Derringer was canned and replaced with Mc Couch.But now, the casting of Kyle Sloane has done a 180 and it’s Derringer who will replace Mc Couch in a strange casting switcheroo (SID). Back in November 2014, Robb Derringer tweeted “Friends I got sad/disheartening news today that my story/character on GH is ending. Thank you all so much” and it looked like was told that the character was leaving the show. He deleted the tweets and you have to wonder if ABC demanded that he take them down.Loren Tate (Brittany Underwood) is a high school senior dreaming of a career as a singer-songwriter—and of hunky rock star Eddie Duran (Cody Longo).Eddie, meanwhile, is not happy with the direction his career has taken—toward shallow pop music rather than the soulful material he prefers.Other cast members include Adrian Paul and Amy Locane. Financial analyst Tom Weaver (Grayson Mc Couch) is a troubled man.

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