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Breaking someone’s heart at the start of the new calendar year is the stuff of a lousy rom-com starring Katherine Heigl or Cameron Diaz.But it’s a real phenomenon that the online dating industry has come to rely on.They drive a majority of their traffic directly from ads placed on The Guardian’s news pages.But while Kerstin found these ads performed well in terms of overall click-throughs, she noticed that the majority of these visitors were not converting into subscribers.

You could have a ,000 hardcore-customized niche dating site but it means absolutely nothing without traffic.By the time you’re done you’ll have a solid grasp of how to do it or hire someone else do to it for you, and what kind of costs can be involved. “There are no more legitimate shortcuts to organic or paid traffic.” Trying to game the system, or invest in outdated search engine optimization (SEO) is only going to lead you to trouble.The only real benefit to SEO anymore is optimizing your website so that it’s incredibly easy for web-spiders to index: meta-data and the foundational meta-details, descriptions, tags, etc., of the website from the perspective of search engines not human beings.Family lawyers also sometimes refer to January as divorce month. “People are disappointed as a result of having spent the holiday with someone they probably shouldn’t have been with for a long time,” says Gilda Carle (Dr.Gilda), a relationship expert and author of Ending a less-than-fulfilling relationship and looking to start over at the beginning of the new year is about as much an existential crisis as signing up for a new gym membership.Online dating sites make finding an activity partner or companion much easier, and in many ways safer as well.

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