Gdragon dating


Our K-Pop idols are human too, so of course they date and fall in love with others!

I totally understand GD decision to not come public with his relationships and I support it specially because I always found out how weird it is the korean media where celebrities have to come up with a statement or announcement that they are dating, like can’t they just date in peace and move on with their lives and not prove anything to anybody?

8 is G-Dragon’s favorite number, considering he was born on 1988-08-18! Signatures Becoming One G-Dragon started signing his name in the shape of a butterfly, which is how Tae Yeon signs her name.

Including the butterfly, there’s a fish next to his signature, which is Tae Yeon’s astrological sign – pisces.

Because then that would not be entirely truthful,” G-Dragon said.

I saw two cup of coffee, sure only the two of you last night without manager were different.

The brown coat say its you because you wore the same one too. they tried with sulli too but given that she doesnt give a flying fuck about them they gave up lmao edit: I just saw you have 3 posts...sure you 'saw' that comment i even know the account this 'conspiracy' originated from szfdhsf that person is hella obsessed tsk tsk tsk just like that miss.tsundere bitch who cant shut the fuck up about his choices, tagging him and nana in her hateful creepy posts, this account does the same.

Kiko is half American and Half Korean but has lived in Japan all her life, she’s a model.

Kiko was the longest rumoured girlfriend with many speculation of an ‘on and off relationship’, numerous evidence such as paparazzi photos, hacked videos from his private account and lovestagam (matching photos on SNS) etc.

Like Gdragon said in ‘knock out’ “all my scandals, wait for me” and they sure do when we cover all the dating rumours that have surrounded GD ever since his debut.

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