Forward dating scripts


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With the commencement of the age of information technology, many new specialized fields opened up, giving rise to new technological jargon, as the English language fell short of adequate words/symbols.

Using them, new lingoes were developed each involving the usage of symbols for digital communication and computer programming.

That is why symbols like the forward slash and backslash, which were sparsely used before, found employment.

A short date forward involves trading a currency at a specified spot date that is before the normal spot date.

I am sorry if this site has been discussed previously as i have not read all the 30 pages.

If you have a big budget best way to go is have it custom coded and if that is too expensive then buy a non encoded script and have it customized to meet your needs.

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The Fraktur script, which was widely used throughout Europe during the middle ages, especially employed the slash as an equivalent to the comma (,) used in the English language today.

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