Error updating group repository metadata input contained no data

In an EAV data model, each attribute-value pair is a fact describing an entity, and a row in an EAV table stores a single fact.EAV tables are often described as "long and skinny": "long" refers to the number of rows, "skinny" to the few columns.

- If you think it was sent incorrectly contact one of the administrators: For more information on JIRA, see: [

[exec] [INFO] Applying extractor for language: java [exec] [INFO] Extractor for language: java found 1 mojo descriptors.

[exec] [INFO] Applying extractor for language: bsh [exec] [INFO] Extractor for language: bsh found 0 mojo descriptors.

We would get the error "Error installing artifact's metadata: Error installing metadata: Error updating group repository metadata input contained no data" - obviously something messed up with the or

So I deleted this directory from the repository and built the project again - unfortunately (now as before) whenever I try to view the version-properties via "browse", I get the following error: "Unable to find project model for ERROR org.apache.maven.archiva.consumers.database.

[exec] [INFO] skip non existing resource Directory /private/tmp/maven-integration-tests-2.1.x/core-it-support/core-it-plugins/maven-it-plugin-core-stubs/maven-plugin-plugin/src/test/resources [exec] [INFO] Copying 3 resources [exec] [INFO] [compiler:test Compile] [exec] [INFO] Not compiling test sources [exec] [INFO] [surefire:test] [exec] [INFO] Tests are skipped.

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