Email slow when updating deleted items

Once lenders begin to use the latest version of the credit scoring model, FICO 9, people with paid collections will see an improved credit score.

But until then, current and older versions of the FICO credit scoring model make no difference in paid or unpaid collection accounts — both are negative.

The older a collection account, whether paid or unpaid, the less it factors into your credit score.

To ignore file/folder level access rights/permission errors, You can change the frequency and options pertaining to a specific backup set for an account.

Windows Live Mail has a comprehensive search tool, but you can speed things up by filing important emails into specific folders.

If you want to store messages offline to free up space in your inbox, then drag them to folders you create in the Storage section of Windows Live Mail – right-click ‘Storage’ and choose ‘New Folder’, then give your folder a suitable name.

Check out our top 10 tips for ensuring your mailing experience is an efficient, tidy and – above all – safe one.

Don’t like the way your messages are displayed in Windows Live Mail?

When a carrier setting update is available, you will be prompted to install it.

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