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However both caps have only 2x2 pole matrix with u,v-degrees of 1 and all weights as 1. second, how come the nurbs surface that Free CAD get Poles return cant be set back?How does that represent a round cap (disk) and not a square plane? By all means I'm not NURBS expert either but I'm really trying to figure it out.

REVIEWToll-like receptor cascade and gene polymorphism in host–pathogen interaction in Lyme disease Rahman S, Shering M, Ogden NH, Lindsay R, Badawi AReceived 22 January 2016Published Volume 2016:9 Pages 91—102https:// ...If you want to read the articles here, go ahead, just click on a forum and find a thread that interests you..need to register! either new or in response to someone here, then click the Register link above. This thread tracks a prediction made by the Bailo Model (first elucidated in in 2007) that desert areas will receive more rainfall as a consequence of nature-made global warming. [...] Mecca's location at the heart of a mountainous desert valley makes it vulnerable to flash floods that can be caused by unusually strong rainfalls. The storm that dropped record amounts of rain and knocked out power throughout the Valley on Saturday is expected to continue to a lesser extent today, and meteorologists expect another round of showers on Monday. You can even create a "blog" by starting a personal thread in the Daily Life Every Thread A Diary section... RIYADH, Feb 13 (Reuters) - Heavy rainfalls over Mecca on Saturday submerged some districts and streets in Islam's holiest city, Saudi media reported, raising fears of a repeat of deadly floods in a neighbouring city in November. You've found the right place to add to your existing collection, or to start a new one.rticle-JIRFull text pdf downloadable from link: Abstract: Lyme disease (LD) risk occurs in North America and Europe where the tick vectors of the causal agent Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato are found.It is associated with local and systemic manifestations, and has persistent posttreatment health complications in some individuals. burgdorferi, activation of the innate immune system, production of proinflammatory cytokines, and modulation of the host adaptive responses are all initiated by Toll-like receptors (TLRs).However when I try to set these back into a new shape I get a from it. By no means I'm an expert in NURBS (I'm a noob), but I think the poles of the cylider caps that you are mentioning are merely defining a surface, which is just a plane in this case. I think it might even be not just the edge, it might be a curve in u,v-space of the surface. Two things: first, have you any idea how to get this nurbs curve?

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