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Drawing Down the Moon Personal Matchmaking My name’s Mary Balfour and with my team of matchmakers and head hunters I’ve been finding soul mates for high calibre people for the last 30 years.

Founded in a Bloomsbury bookshop in the early 80s, Drawing Down the Moon was the very first personal matchmaking and introduction agency in the UK.

The need for them is fairly obvious – not everybody lives and works in an environment where they can regularly meet people of the opposite sex; partying and clubbing does not appeal to everybody; and understandably there are many who would rather be proactive than wait for somebody to come along by chance.

The one problem with the “blind date” in its many guises is that no matter how well two people might get on by letter, over the phone or latterly by email, to slightly modify an old proverb the proof of the pudding is in the meeting.

First call was Drawing Down the Moon, a respected introduction agency, where I found myself chatting to the indefatigable Mary Balfour over a cup of tea in West London.

Kennedy has been with Drawing Down the Moon for 13 years. I'm a good judge of character and quite perceptive." If you're interested in becoming a matchmaker - or even in starting your own agency - then Kennedy's boss, Mary Balfour, has plenty of advice.This has the ironic consequence that online dating – far from providing a decisive advantage over dating services using older methods – actually makes things much harder.A Brief History of Dating Services The idea behind using dating services (agencies, personal ads, etc) has been around for a long time.She assesses their suitability, emotional stability, relationship history and whether or not their outlook is realistic.She spends an hour with each prospective member and often gets a sense of which other member they will get on with. ” was my reaction when the Telegraph asked me, as a mature woman, if I would like to check out dating agencies.

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