Distribution consolidating products


While many companies focus on increasing the number of distribution channels, it's possible to earn more revenue and profit through a focus on increasing the efficiency of a current distribution channel.

A company can increase the efficiency of a distribution channel by maximizing the benefit of channel intermediaries.

CTL is your link to better supply chain management.

Leveraging our powerful network of flexible and reliable warehousing and consolidation solutions, you can keep your products moving, your costs in check, and your customers’ shelves fully stocked.

Stores were built as far away as possible but still within a day’s drive of the distribution center; the area then was filled back (or saturated back) to the distribution center.

Each distribution center operated 24 hours a day using laser-guided conveyer belts and cross-docking techniques that received goods on one side while simultaneously filling orders on the other.

(branded as Walmart) is an American public corporation that runs a chain of large, discount department stores.

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(Most competitors outsourced trucking.) Wal-Mart had implemented a satellite network system that allowed information to be shared between the company’s wide network of stores, distribution centers, and suppliers.

No matter your size or freight volume, we can work with you to create a program that will streamline your operations and allow you to compete with companies who can consistently ship full-truckload volume.

Our partner network specializes in incorporating warehousing, cross-docking, packaging, and multi-vendor consolidation to create a single point of distribution.

Together, these two myths add up to a consolidation mentality that has dominated business strategy in this industry.

CPG leaders have assumed that their job was either to make their company as large as possible or to position it for eventual sale to a giant conglomerate.

We are proud to work with all of our partner carriers to help meet your business goals.

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