Dina ruiz dating


I'm still on Cloud 9 with my @1bigfish30 and our families and our huge, loving group of pals. He currently is head basketball coach at Ohloane College in Fremont, California. �� #bigfish #starfish #destiny #weddingwithpugs #pugwedding #children A photo posted by Pebble Beach Pugs (@dinaeastwood) on Scott and Erica divorced in 2012. Dina and Clint have a 19-year-old daughter, Morgan Eastwood, together, and the Oscar-winning director is also father to seven other children, including actor Scott Eastwood, 30, and model and actress Francesca Eastwood, 22.

Dina's beloved pugs were part of the ceremony and the couple said, ' I do' in front of the Pacific Ocean.RELATED: Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks are Surprisingly Great Pals — Get the Exclusive Details! March 1996 - 2012Clint and Dina met during an interview in 1993.But the two seem to have hit it off fairly quickly and began dating in 1995.The marriage followed soon in 1996 as did their one and only daughter together, the last of Clint’s seven children. Eastwood wasn’t getting any younger and perhaps for a while he decided to settle down and simply be happy with his second wife.During his relationship with her he also cheated on her, twice with the same woman, each time producing another child.

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