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Mortified, they both agree they must branch out and start searching for love.He'll look for a guy for her and she'll look for a gal for him.Aoki feels her best if she frequently "does battle" on the tennis or racquetball court (or engages in another form of competitive sport).Devon Aoki has a sympathetic nature and instinctively reaches out to people in need of help.Devon Aoki has frequent emotional outbursts due to her fiery temper and emotional impulsiveness.Aoki expresses herself very directly and honestly and no one has to guess what her true feelings are.

Added into the mix is a dimwitted Detective (Jeremy Sisto), the Holy Grail, the Rosicrucian Society, a bunch of Sexy Vamps, God and a score by Sean Lennon and you've got the perfect mix of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Terry Gilliam, Dude Where's My Car and Woody Allen all in one fantastic film!However, Devon Aoki dislikes showing any personal weakness or her need for support, comfort and nurturing. Devon abhors emotional dependency and dislikes "complainers".Devon Aoki inspires others to take positive action in their lives through her own enthusiasm and eagerness to meet life's challenges, and she is attracted to people who are adventurous, courageous and independent.For starters, Alex's sharp-tongued, mischievous best friend Jonathan unwittingly starts a rumor at the wedding that Alex is gay and Dana is a woman.When her family reacts in a surprisingly supportive way, Alex decides to go with it. But when Alex and Jonathan decide to hire sexy lesbian Risa to act as her lover when Jeannie comes to visit Alex in New York, things really start to get out of hand. Thank you Seattle International Film Festival for programming this film in your 2007 line up!! I can't wait until it goes to theaters or DVD so I can tell my friends to see it!!There's something for everyone in this hilarious movie.

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