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Instead, she will blame you for being boring and concludes that “the vibe is not right”.So YOU have to take up the RESPONSIBILITY to escalate. As the interaction between you and a woman develops, there will points where she would accept moves from you that she previously wouldn’t.Non-verbal communication often conveys even more than words do, and it’s the basis of subconscious influence.When two people meet for the first time and build some initial rapport, they may feel as if they’ve known each other for a long time.

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This is because they have assumed rapport non-verbally between them, and further actions are congruent with this assumption.Frame is the context of an interaction that is implied by words, actions or a particular situation itself.It may sound fancy but it’s really just the assumptions (usually from the point view of the receiver) behind what people say or do, e.g.: People interact with one another in frames ALL THE TIME.At this point, a “window of escalation” opens up and lasts for a certain amount of time.Obviously there are only two wrong timings of escalation: If you do not escalate, the window will close and the woman will label the relationship as “one of those that didn’t work out”.When that happens, things just simply “feel right” and the woman is influenced on a subconscious level.

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