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"We will be covering everything from culture to music to fashion to food to art to beauty to friendship and more.We're committed to kind, cool, and honest content that enriches and inspires our readers and followers…On this site, I write about relationship marketing on social media and, of course, Word Press. If you really want more than this, read 100 Things About Me or read my blog posts on Medium. As a term of endearment, however, friends have referred to me as a guru, office goddess, or other some such nonsense.

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I've been on the air in the Treasure Valley since 2009, and I love hanging out with ya! Dating on the apps is time consuming, but if we try to meet someone in person it's stalkery and creepy, so we forge ahead.

Have you known someone who didn't wear a seat belt and died in a car accident? Read More When the campsite is free, we can spend more on food, beverages, and gear.

is a content destination for cool young girls," says social media director Michelle Plantan.

• “don’t sass me sehunnie” • Suitable reactions to EVERYTHING! ”“Ok, ok, ok I have to admit that it was cute” “You would think that you and chanyeol are twins with the way you two dance” “aish!!

• Unnecessary amounts of bubble tea • Jogger and jumper days • Couch cuddles • Teaching you dances moves and getting frustrated.“jagiyah! Watch your arms” • He tried his best to make you laugh when your upset by imitating chanyeol• Laughs at you when you trip • Occasional wrestling matches • You showing off your new wrestling moves that you learned from kyungsoo • He lets you were his clothes when he’s not there but secretly loves it when he sees you in them.• When he is upset or annoyed, you shout “NEVER DON’T MIND ABOUT A THING” at him and run to make him grin widely and chase after you because you knew it would aggrivate him and distract him but he knew why you did it• He rests his head in your lap to admire you or nap• He plays with your hair a lot • Talking in sync with each other• Wants to learn your native language so he can impress your family • He always buys shirts because he knows that you love him in shirts • Always loves your reaction to his new hair colour when the company make him change it.

Feel free to connect via email anytime using the form here on the website. If you search for "free stuff in Boise," be prepared for what comes back.

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