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Since they’re hot, most classically attractive people are selfish and bad in bed. Who knows, but it seems a lot of sexy men and women feel they aren’t obligated to put as much effort in. That can make having productive chats about what’s going wrong in a relationship much harder than it has to be. People listen to attractive people and take them much more seriously than their less than lovely peers.

I’d rather have great sex and a winning personality than a pretty face. Hot people get hired more often than the rest of us and tend to have better salaries. I had a colleague once who was so hot, she drew a lot of attention.

(sigh) just published an article called “Why I Won't Date Hot Women Anymore” which is exactly as obnoxious and anger-inducing as it sounds.

I mean, before we even get into the article, we’re pretty sure the #1 reason he won’t date hot women is because they don't want to date him. Like, the article should really be called "Why I won't date hot women that don't want to date me anymore".

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I don’t expect to understand the confusing sexual currency of marriage.

I knew from the exhausting first episode I could for sure expect a whirlwind of inspired think-pieces come Monday (and I’d be lying if I said that anticipation didn’t lend to my compulsion to tackle its entirety in a single day). I was stoked to hear Breeders as part of the soundtrack, among other dope selections.Throughout my dating career, I’ve dated people who were super conventionally attracive and some who didn’t really fit society’s standard of beauty.If I had to choose between the two, I’d pick the unattractive folks every single time because dating hot people comes with way too much trouble. If any of you have ever had sex with the hot guy or hot girl, you most likely know exactly what I’m talking about. They can sometimes even get famous or internet famous just for being pretty. Being told yes all of the time can make you immature when someone finally does tell you no.I can only wonder what his mother Anne Rice thinks of this photo. To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.Author Christopher Rice, who also hosts his weekly podcast show The Dinner Party, was up for the prestigious Bram Stoker Award this weekend and promised his followers on Twitter and Facebook that he would share some “mad shirtless selfie action” online if he did not win his award …

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