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Well, Mine is like a number 10 can, that is some incredible girth ya know and of course we all know how important that is.Plus it is hard all the time so I can please all of you.

It would be boring to have someone with all that and not know how to use it LOL I guess you could say I like my men to be at least a lil well yaaaaaaaaaaaa Another thread about big willies.His father was a watch maker and Phillipe followed the family tradition entering the time-keeping industry.He settled in Paris, working for the Maelzel Metronome company and after the death of Johann Nepomuk Mäelzel in 1838 eventually took over the running of the factory, in 1846.Maelzel started production of the metronome in Paris 1816, gaining praise and publicity from none other than Beethoven himself and who he was later to fall out with, over rights issues for "The Battle of Vitoria".Maelzel was widely travelled, promoting and selling numerous musical inventions and automated wind and cog driven devices, ranging from ear trumpets, chess players, pan harmonicons, rope-dancers and speaking dolls, twice visiting the West Indies, Munich, Vienna, Paris, London and the United States.Of course ALLLLLLLL women simply cant resist it because we all know deep down inside they LOVE big dongs and have absolutely no interest in any other aspect of a man Klasno, what does being white have to do with the size of your member.

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