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I received a "private message" from some punk that I used to be in daily contact with 2 years ago, and I made THE most horrific mistake by opening it up then downloading the app.

After I told him to go f**k himself ( this punk, along with cousins and friends, wanted to form a rap group from South Africa.

fake or suspicious Internet banking mobile applications), suspicious login screens (e.g.

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They made me their manager, since I do have contacts in music industry, and refused to listen to anything that I had to say, so I dropped their a33e3.

Because of these effing punks, I lost a very special and terrific friend who also is in the music industry because of them! I've read their dull, monotonous, cookie cutter responses to the majority of the people commenting on their HORRIFIC site, and I'm NOT surprised, not one bit!!!! It is HIGHLY illegal for these lowlifes scamming individuals across the ocean; there's a law regarding this, but I can't recall it at this point in time.

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