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The initial check was for 0,000, and fortunately, someone stepped in when they discovered she sent an additional 0,000 and contacted the authorities that discovered the scam.

Although the second check for 0,000 was recovered, the initial 0,000 is likely long gone. In 2013, a man in Utah was sent to prison for a similar scam where he stole a total of 0,000 from two separate women.

(For questions about those claiming to originate from other countries, please contact us for further details)You may submit your Identity Verification Request by filling in the information and submitting payment, via Pay Pal, below.

If you would like to pay via credit or debit card, please submit payment and your request at our Contact Us page, or call us at (888) 688-5314.

He or she may be a convicted felon, a serial scammer in financial trouble, married, a sex offender or have some type of court record.

All inquiries are handled in the strictest of confidence and with the utmost of discretion.

The list of these creative criminal scams is growing daily.

So, how can you protect yourself from these criminals?

Your physical well being or your life may be at risk without knowing Are you getting involved with someone that you met recently, but something just does not quite seem right? Perhaps you may need peace of mind, or just need to know if your suspicions are correct Are you considering a business venture that sounds very profitable, but want to know who you are dealing with?

Before you have trusted your funds with someone who appears to be above board, we can assist with a detailed comprehensive corporate and business background check before you invest in a venture you may regret.

Our previous scam investigations have been internationally recognised and provide our clients the ability to make informed decisions about their new relationships.

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