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This study provides an overview of the strong military component of Celtiberian society, dating back to the sixth century BC and manifesting itself especially during the wars against Rome in the second century BC.

It must have proved an intriguing object for, soon thereafter, production of models began apace.The remarkable construction conceals the secrets of generations of people whose fame as military leaders and ancient authorities brought them eternal life through ancient texts.The tomb belonged to a high ranking Roman patrician family, which is well known from sources dating back to the period from the 3rd BC to the 1st century AD.In 1926, the Sovraintendenza del Comune di Roma consolidated the monument, systemized copies of the funerary inscriptions and connected them with the sarcophagi, the originals of which were removed.The tomb, dug out of a natural bank of cappellaccio, belonged to the family of Cornelius Scipioni, one of the most ancient and celebrated patritian families of ancient Rome.At present, Via di Porta San Sebastiano is a busy street with quick traffic, which, as everywhere in Rome, destroys the atmosphere of history and beauty.

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