Dating old coleman lanterns


The collar is a reproduction made of galvanized steel. This Model 288A700 two mantle lantern is engraved around the vent (middle image) and the fount decal (lower image): Spotted Bear Ranger Station, R(egion) 1, D(istrict) 4, USFS, located in the Flathead National Forest, Montana.

This lantern, in Paul Elgin's collection is date stamped March, 1988.

Coleman single mantle CL1 (left), double mantle CL2 (center) and CLX (right) were first manufactured in 1983, replacing the 200A and 220K models. The one above, designated 290-700, is in Allan Kuderca's collection; it has the original globe and is date stamped Aug. Coleman made a limited number of the 290-700 Powerhouse lantern that were finished in a ruby color, the stone signifying a 40th anniversary and to commemorate the building of the 40 millionth lantern by Coleman Wichita and Coleman Toronto.

These models were among the first with an adjustable light; the tip cleaner is in the orifice in the off position of the valve rotation. The label identifies it as the 40 Millionth Lantern, November 17th, 1986.

The 220K dated June 1983 disassembled can be compared here to the first in the series to be produced in March 1928, 55 1/3rd years earlier. It is pivoted to its square shape then stored under the rim of the fount bottom when not in use. Between 1985 and '89 Model 290 was also finished in black and was identified as The Powerhouse.

None of the parts are identical by the end of production although the ball nut and globe are interchangeable between the two models. Some of the black finished 290s were also labeled as Special Edition for Service Merchandise between March, 1986 and December, '89.

The fuel container at the base of the lamp is pressurized by means of a hand pump.To further celebrate the 40 Millionth Lantern, Coleman - Wichita made a limited number of the above 290 lantern but plated the founts and vents and stamped an individual number on the bottom.This one, in Dan Boschen's collection, is stamped 40000023. An Amish repairman in Holmes County, Ohio, made over 300 of these Coleman "200A" lanterns to meet the demand among the Amish for the discontinued 200A lantern largely using parts for the 201 model but with a 200A generator and fuel-air tube.The CL1 (later became Model 286) is dated Sept '84; the CL2 (later became Model 288) in Doron Papo's collection, is dated Mar '84; and the CLX (later became Model 290) is dated Mar '84. This lantern is in Michael Merz's collection and is date stamped 11 86. The shiny aluminum reflector is on the CLX lantern above.This forces fuel and fumes up into the lantern so that when a mixture of fumes and air come in contact with a special type of cloth called a mantle and that mantle is lit, it will glow.

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