Dating kaywoodie pipes

The New York Pipe Club invites all pipe smokers and those interested in the art of pipe smoking to join them in their celebration, February 18th at Barclay Rex 126 Pearl Street, NYC.We'll be at the Lounge, by pm, Our great friend Bill Feuerbach has announced that once again he will host the 2016 “Kaywoodie Event”, to be held at the same new location as last year, in Fishkilll, NY, on Saturday December 10th.Peterson pipes are some of the most storied tobacco pipes in the history of smoking.For 150 years, Peterson pipes have been made in Dublin and smoked around the world.The October meeting got moved into the intimate confines of the kitchen area and was filled with fair amount of debate and indecision. resist engaging Eric in political discussions), what do to about a holiday meeting, or suggestions for ideas about using club funds. One decision was made however, regarding the 2008 Club Pipe.

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but will most likely alternate our choices to keep some variety.

Here is an image of the actual pipe style and stem that will be used for our pipe.

Unfortunately they require a 12 pipe minimum purchase and in my recent email to club members I only received 5 replies from interested members.

Be sure to submit your check for .00, along with the application found below, which, if you are among the lucky, first 48, will also enroll you into the 2016 Northeast Pipe Smoking (Slow Smoke) Contest, a UPCA sanctioned event, as soon as possible, as it is sure to sell out, and it always does!

It is truly with my deepest sorrow that I inform you of the passing of our beloved briar brother and long-time Club member, Z Kriz, who passed away peacefully in his sleep, at home during the night of Sunday, Sept. Many of you know that Z was battling a serious illness for the last several years.

While some humidors are lined with mahogany, the most popular wood for the interior of humidors is Spanish cedar because it holds more moisture than most woods and is not given to warping in high humidity.

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