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Below the town were dug intricate tunnels and shafts for silver mining.

The Comstock Lode discovery and subsequent growth of Virginia City was unequaled by the history of other precious metal discoveries.

While Las Vegas casts an outsize glimmer over the entire state, Nevada holds a jackpot of outdoor adventures for those looking for an adrenaline rush beyond the casino floor.

Red Rock Canyon is a popular day trip from Sin City, while the state shares a border with sparkling Lake Tahoe.

In another story, the "Ophir Diggings", were named in honor of "Old Virginny" by the miners, in recognition of James Finney being "one of the first discoverers of that mining locality, and one of the most successful prospectors in that region." Finney "was the best judge of placer ground in Gold Canyon", locating the quartz footwall of the Ophir on 22 Feb.

1858, located the placers on Little Gold Hill on 28 Jan. After the discovery of the Comstock Lode in 1859, the town developed seemingly overnight on the eastern slopes of Mount Davidson, perched at a 6200-foot elevation.

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