Dating disasters and how to avoid them

As the series comes to an end tonight, we think there's a lot more to be learnt from Dylan other than how to avoid his dating disasters.The situation Dylan finds himself in isn't that unusual.However these women are severely limiting their dating options.According to a poll I recently conducted among fifty single men, twenty-three confessed that they felt it was inappropriate for a woman to pass gas in their presence!When it comes to travel, we all like to focus on the positive, memorable aspects of it.People who are passionate about travel love telling stories about the places they’ve been and the experiences they’ve had.With a name like Scrotal Recall, it's easy to write off Channel 4's latest Thursday night offering as a laddish comedy full of inappropriate banter. It was originally intended as a joke by the show's creator, Tom Edge, and the show is nowhere near as crude as the name suggests.We've loved watching Dylan's trip down memory lane, revisiting all his exes and the inevitable cringeworthy moments along the way.

What destroys a mysterious aura faster than an ill timed toot? Some women may argue that any man who is put off by nature’s call is unreasonable and doesn’t deserve to date them.

Life gets in the way: Either you get too busy with personal stuff or you lose an employee who used to be responsible for your domain renewals.

Or maybe your card expires and your registrar’s notifications go straight into your spam box.

Natural gas has terrorized single women world wide since the beginning of time.

It threatens the image most ladies strive for on their first few dates with a new beau.

As a business owner, keep a close eye on your domain expiration dates and possibly renew them for many years ahead (the maximum amount of time you are allowed to hold a domain is 10 years) or set up an auto renewal.

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