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There’s potential for coaching and consulting in almost any industry – whether it be health, fitness, dating, relationships, business, finance, investing, real estate, online marketing, etc…

In her spare hours, she puts her smouldering looks to use as an actor; recently, she played a sexy maid in a short film. That’s a significant sea in which to miss finding a fish.How do you know how to portray yourself when others are presenting only the best sides of themselves and stay genuine. I am a female sex therapist and counsellor who specializes in social connections. These approaches have the highest success rates for strengthening all kinds of relationships for the long-term (whether husband-wife, singles dating, or business-customer), and are much higher than other therapy-as-usual you may have experienced in the past.Our dream is to share with you the secrets of "Relationship Masters"--those couples, families, teams, and visionary leaders with the longest, happiest, and most meaningful relationships--how they became the way they are, and how you can too.Our world is becoming more socially isolated with 30% fewer friends that 20 years ago and fewer opportunities to connect with those people once we actually do meet someone we like.

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