Cyrus and eliana dating

Eliana and Cyrus will be playing the roles of Katie and Twitch in Season 4’s “The Door Routine.” This actually doesn’t sound like a potential disaster since both dancers have similar styles to their original counterparts. During the footage from National Dance Day in LA, I get some serious screen time.

I’m the one in red waving my hands in the air- No, not the one in the shorts.

I don’t know if I would agree with that, exactly, but what he does flat out astounds me.

It’s not Cyrus’s incremental movement – his motions are big and fluid and he’s got the most incredible retractions. You know, like in the jive – moving fast and then pulling your limb back.

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The Memphis Orpheum looks like a fun theater, from the ornate decorations to the vaulted arches and the cityscape scrim.

fame – excellent singer, ham, and former husband of a dancer – rounds out the judging panel with The Big Boss Man (and former dancer) Nigel Lithgoe and the Conductor of the Hot Tamale Train, ballroom dancer Mary Murphy.

Sweet-faced Dorian “Blu Print” Hector, 19, lets us know that last year, the actual Dragon House was a tiny apartment where the dancers all lived together, but now – presumably thanks to Cyrus’s appearance on the show – they live in a sprawling mansion. Hope you didn’t overspend, Cyrus, but it’s lovely to see that everyone has space and can dance together in less cramped quarters.

And, oooooh, it’s awesome to get a shot of Brian Gaynor dancing it up! Blu Print, who has come to us wearing blue jeans, a blue sweatshirt and blue sneakers as well as the multi-toned blue hair, tells us that his personal style of animation is that of a broken robot.

Why are we honoring her as if she’s arabesquing with Jesus, again? Tonight’s 7 dances will be recreations of Mia’s Greatest Hits- or to put it another way, dancing with furniture!

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