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Most people do this to reduce the interest rate on their debt, to bring down their monthly payment amount or to reduce the number of companies they owe money to.

Debt consolidation can be a useful strategy in some situations but for many it can involve extra costs, and potentially makes a difficult situation much worse.

Using one loan to consolidate your debt can solve your problems.

When you take loans from many lenders, you have multiple debts. This also increases the risk of defaults and you have additional pressure of repayments.

Based on making the minimum repayment amount at 18% interest rate.

Minimum repayments are calculated as a percentage of the closing balance, typically 2 or 2.5%, or a set dollar amount, usually around , whichever is greater.

I was given an opportunity to improve my cash flow, without having to sell my single biggest asset.

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If you're not sure which option suits your circumstances then we can help.

It often involves a secured loan against an asset that serves as collateral, which is most, commonly a house (in this case a mortgage is secured against the house.) The risk to the lender is reduced so the interest rate offered is lower.

"I was caught up in a debt trap due to circumstances beyond my control and a lot of institutions offer assistance in this regard, but do not deliver on their promises.

Our Christian Debt Consolidation Program involves a cooperative relationship with your creditors.

By participating in our program, creditors receive certain tax benefits, which give them the incentive to make concessions that they otherwise would not offer to you directly.

If you are struggling to pay your bills and feel like you are overwhelmed by debt, you are not alone. For many people a smart, personalized debt management consolidation program is the best answer for regaining control of their finances and building a solid foundation for the future.

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