Condoleezza rice dating football player


And now more than ever, there's an overlap between fashion and football (really).According to the , women account for a full 45% of the NFL's overall fan base--and the NFL believes a good portion of those women's wardrobes have been lacking in fashion-forward football gear. Actually, Condi's making her modeling debut for the freshly revamped womenswear line of NFL apparel--as in, fitted football jerseys.Because while we're all getting amped up and stressed out about the upcoming fashion month, a large percentage of the country is getting amped up and stressed out about September's arrival for another reason: Football season.Now she is getting serious backing, including from former members of the Bush administration, for taking on the task of rescuing a sport whose image has taken a severe battering over the last seven days.Earlier this week the Washington Post carried a piece by a member of its editorial board calling for Ms Rice, 59, to take over from Mr Goodell, who has come under fire over his handling of the domestic violence scandal which has engulfed the sport.Mr Goodell insisted NFL officials had not seen the incriminating tape when the original ban was imposed.This has now been disputed and several senators have called for him to step down.

According to the New York Times, women account for 45per cent of the NFL’s overall fan base - and the league believes many of those women’s wardrobes have been lacking in fashion-forward football gear.

“If he lied to the American people, he has to step down,” said Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat senator for New York.

Mr Goodell’s plight was worsened when the indefinite ban was attacked by Rice’s wife – the victim of the original assault – who took to the social media to back her husband.

He currently works as a television analyst for the ACC Network and Fox Sports South.

American football, the country’s most popular sport and a bastion of macho male culture, has suffered one of the worst weeks in its history with three high-profile stars facing accusations of domestic violence.

And while the thought of leather boots boasting the Dallas Cowboys logo makes us cringe in our Chelseas, we're actually pretty stoked to see the NFL-inspired tee Georgina Chapman is releasing next month.

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