Colombian bogata dating

In particular, stop by the Museo Botero, dedicated to the Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

After you've explored Bogota's urban center, take a pause and relax in one of the many parks tucked into Bogota's corners, such as Jardín Botánico José Celestino Mutis and the Parque Bolivar.

Popular with younger people who don’t mind drinking on the street than actually going inside a bar.

Probably best for a date than picking up but I like the vibe most here.

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Jala Jala is supposedly the best if you want to dance to salsa all night long. Parque de Perro in Barrio San Fernando – a square with a couple dozen bars and clubs.

While Bogota has improved by leaps and bounds, there is still a great economic disparity and crime continues to exist; always be aware of your surroundings, particularly after dark.

Cartagena Easily Colombia's most romantic town and a World Heritage Site, Cartagena steals the hearts of visitors with its winding cobblestone streets and flower-draped wrought-iron balconies.

Of course, Colombia also earns fame for its lush, mountain-filled geography, and a number of attractions draw visitors into the country's far reaches, such as tours into the Amazon Jungle and treks to see ancient, pre-Incan tombs and statues. Still there can be bursts of unrest, and the US State Department occasionally issues warnings to travelers; be sure to check their website before traveling.

Bogota These days, Colombia's capital offers travelers a chance to see a sparkling, modern side of Bogota.

I was then advised to “apostille” my college diploma and my New Jersey teaching license (for those of you who have never heard this term, like myself, an apostille is a seal that your state places on documents to show authenticity overseas).

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