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But things took a turn for the frickin' nasty when the girl jumped out of the Uber, leaving the boy to spend a bit of time looking around for something the driver assumed he had lost.Eventually the bloke jumps out, closing the door, and the Uber driver turns around to find exactly what had been misplaced - A USED TAMPON. No I did not know what they were doing, as I was driving and not paying attention.For instance, here’s one for all of the girls and boys of summer out there – inimitable Beach Hunters! Loaded with content from the best nudist beaches where people sunbathe naked and even get it on with each other, this site will surely make you feel hot! You can just about make out the horrified guy's mumbling as he makes the discovery; plenty of "oh f*ck no" and "I find a bloody f*cking tampon." "Here ya go," the fuming driver wrote when uploading the hectic clip online. "Yes I contacted Uber about a cleaning fee, but to no avail.

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Denzill says to the camera: ‘Today on planet earth in Barnsley, Wellington Street, we have a rare mating ritual between one hippopotopig and one female rhinoceros.’ After shooting the couple for around a minute Denzill ran back to his friends before he was seen.

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We have never been more grateful for dashboard cameras than right now.

A poor, poor Uber driver has uploaded the mind-boggling footage from a recent ride-share, in which a couple jumped in the back of his cab and then, um, jumped on each other.

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