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Maybe my mother wouldn't be so proud of my openness.

It has properties and methods and can be interacted with, similar to the other objects you've seen so far, and the plethora of things to come as you move through the remainder of this book. Maybe this isn't the best way to explain this.

This property may have three values: Enable, Disable, and Inherit.

As briefly explained in the topic I can't seem to have client side validators to work.

This means that somehow I fixed that second bug in my real project but I don't remember how.

after 4/5 unsuccessfull hours at a simple task like validation should be, even in the simpliest scenarios I tested, I really give up.

In the shower I have a set routine so as not to miss any vital, proper hygienic functions and to ensure that the other people in my office and our clients don't give me those strange looks anymore when I enter the room.

After the first flicker of lights goes off in my cranium, I drag my carcass to the shower to defrost my brain.

NET page object, it's important to look closely at these event and the order in which they occur so that you can utilize them to their fullest potential.

I think if you took the time to analyze this portion of your life, you'd see that without conscious thought, you pick up the bar of soap and proceed to cleanse without ever putting a thought into what you are doing. It's a routine that I go through every morning almost without thought.

When the compression Enabled configuration option shown in the following example is set to true, ASP. This is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique.: ASP.

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