Arisaka type 99 dating


Most people that have looked at Japanese rifles have noted that the mum on most of them has been defaced.For years collectors thought that General Mac Arthur had ordered their removal before the rifles could be shipped home.Japanese model designations of firearms can be confusing.The Japanese used 2 different calendars for model designations.

When Russia sought to preserve its own colonial desires in Manchuria and Korea, Japan stunned the world by attacking; and winning.

The type was intended to replace the turn-of-the-century Meiji 38th Year rifle but never materialized as an all-out replacement due to demand.

The Type 99 was furthered a handful of designs that included the Short Rifle, Long Rifle, an airborne variant and a dedicated sniper model.

Some 3.4 million of the weapon were produced and included both a carbine and a cavalry form.

The Type 38 went on to serve the Empire for thirty years as the army's rifle of choice.

The Arisaka Type 38 rifle was heavily influenced by contemporary Mauser designs, but also had some unique features.

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