Are robin roberts and sam champion dating

So, Sam jumped to the Weather Channel (which is co-owned by NBC), where he will anchor the network's new flagship morning show and also serve as managing editor.

We're told he wanted his own show -- badly-- but ABC execs weren't biting.

"GMA" even ended the "Today" show's 16-year winning streak in the ratings. But as time passed, Elliott and Sherwood's paths began to diverge.In interviews for my book, "Top of the Morning," Sherwood and Elliott said they bonded during two long dinners, where they talked about broadcasting fundamentals, baseball and family.Elliott, who had been a co-host of ESPN's "Sports Center," joined "GMA" in 2011.Cooper got so incensed he went off on Jones during his daytime show this week, recalling how she turned her wedding into a publicity stunt while she was on mybad) It's worth noting, however, that ABC hasn't really made a practice of noting its anchors' weddings in the press release.And it's already gotten some flak for mentioning GMA anchor Robin Roberts bone marrow transplant process so much, some critics say it comes close to exploitation (I say, though Roberts' fight has undoubtedly helped GMA's ratings, its tough to ding them for supporting a colleague fighting such a disease) I just think its great that the nation's attitudes on gay marriage have changed so much that we're now arguing over whether people are revealing their sexual orientation for publicity, as opposed to hiding it from shame and fear.The press release came as Champion and Robierb were quoted about their marriage plans in a story today about the wedding of MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts and his partner, Patrick Abner.

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