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The first thing I saw with you, was "To the beautifull you" and i fell in love with your acting. Having watched you in several dramas so far I have to say I'm impressed with the way you handle each role and I look forward to seeing a lot more of you in future works. I loved Moorim School so much I bought it so I can watch as often as I like. :) i hope you will role in a movie like "Northern Limit Line" again, such a great movie based on true story~ and i love all of your drama, aaah i can't move on since moorim school and now The Liar and His Lover.. he's a good actor..looking forward to your drama lovely love lie... and i was surprised that i was not the only one who said that he is better than min ho..

I love your dramas specially the "The Liar and His Lover." I love your voice, acting skill, and of course your smile. my god what a acting really i will impressed for u I really love your work. Anyway he is a really good actor but the thing is even when he is trying to act serious he looks so cute and you can just stare at him rather than his acting. i just read the other comments comparing his acting to min ho.. I think he is doing a good job of living up to the Nakatsu character standards Nakatsu character= the guy you love and want to be happy and end up with the girl, but you know he isn’t going to. S- I keep think about how much he looks like Hong ki i really love you oppa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iam your fan , you are my softie guy .i like u somuch, and your acting oh ! I've been captured by his cute lips as always., i never thought he was that cool for serious roles, especially in Moorim School, unlike his cheerful and light character in To the Beautiful You, where I first saw him.. ❤️ Your acting is really amazing and breath catching . Hoping to see you in many creative dramas like Moorim School. But please don't change your hairstyle ............... If I loved Jeremy and his goofy self I'm definitely gunna love Hyun Woo... He is so funny and handsome-i just know I'm gunna love the rest of the show!

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