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Read on to find out her thoughts on breaking into the entertainment industry, her relationship with Ryan, and her advice to those who are hoping to become a Real World cast member someday! Gina, Reality Wanted: How did you end up becoming a cast member on The Real World: Brooklyn? This season they really switched it up though and they cast people who were pursuing their dreams whether it was advocacy, being a VJ, a filmmaker, etc.

For me personally I want to professionally dance and DJ. Gina, Reality Wanted: Had you been to NYC often before coming to film the show and how different is life there than back home in Utah? Baya: I had been to NYC once when I was young, but I had never spent any real time here. From the transportation to the food to the nightlife, they don't even compare.

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Ordonez , so obviously its a vicious, vicious lie, but we’re going with it anyway, since we’ve been talking about it before J.

In 2005, he deployed with the division to Iraq, guarded Saddam Hussein at his trial in Baghdad, but his company spent most of their year deployment patrolling Tikrit and experienced a number of near-death experiences from IEDs, drive-by shootings, VBIEDs, suicide bomber, and a sniper.

In 2008, after returning from his first tour in Iraq, Conklin was cast on the 21st season of the MTV reality series, The Real World in 2008.

Also in the “Katelynn is awesome” department is the fact that she’s already blogged about her hatred of The Gothamist.

” Chet When roommate Ryan (we’re getting to him) tells Chet that J.

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