Arashi dating Naked dating without using a credit card


The tabloid magazine caught Ohno coming out from a hot stone spa in Tokyo on Friday night in early September, and he was with a beautiful lady who stands about 170 cm.

Was the rumor from one big couple(Matsumoto Jun (30) with Mao Inoue(27) it)Of Adoring Is seems like it was real.Masaki declined to comment on Johnny Kitagawa's reaction to the news. This is even more shocking that Kimu Taku's and Jin's scandals.But better yet, given the rumors about Johnny-san, maybe this news will make him happy?Thus, in what I’m sure is a coincidence, a day or so after his relationship was published in FRIDAY, a person close to Ohno says Johnny’s Entertainment told Ohno to end the relationship, and he supposedly did so.After all, Arashi is a cash cow, and they can’t risk upsetting delulu Johnny’s stans. It’s said that Ohno and ‘A’ met at a bar in Nishi-Azabu where ‘A’ was working part-time, and they have been in a relationship since a year ago.

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