An error occurred while updating the web server plugin configuration

This chapter contains the following topics: When set to OFF, the module ignores the dynamic cluster list used for load balancing requests proxied from the module and only uses the static list specified with the Web Logic Cluster parameter. There are some implications for setting this parameter to OFF: This parameter allows you exclude certain requests from proxying.

This parameter can be defined locally at the Location tag level and globally.

Configure the Oracle Web Logic Server Proxy Plug-In (mod_wl_ohs), which is the plug-in for proxying requests from Oracle HTTP Server to Oracle Web Logic Server.

The Oracle Web Logic Server Proxy Plug-In is included in the Oracle HTTP Server 12 You can configure the Oracle Web Logic Server Proxy Plug-In either by using Fusion Middleware Control or by editing the mod_wl_configuration file manually.

Having various servers all running Linux with latest PHP.

These servers all have Word Press on and each Word Press site is always updated using ftp via the WP admin update Permissions are all correct for ftp user and group togehter with all correct mod settings I have even made the folders 777 to allow full access and also with all different users and groups with 777 permissions including (root, ftp, www etc) In earlier versions of WP all plug in updates worked fine.

This issue can also occur if you are using an older version of the JDBC driver.

To resolve this issue, use a newer version that has a number of bug fixes for SSL certificate issues.

The fact so many people are having this issue across various systems, together with everyone's plugin update working before the upgrade, then maybe this is omission of WP failing to remvoe relevant directories before updating.

Selecting this button opens the Service Tables page.

A service table provides a way for service providers to publish endpoint information about their services, and clients of these services to query and bind to these services.

If you would not mind sharing how you did it, it may be helpful for others who run into the same situation.

Kindest Regards, Scott MHi I am having the same problem, I can't update wordpress or my plugins, or upload photos to my posts - I tried your solution and it didn't resolve the problem for me, unfortunately.

However, this can be dangerous until you have secured your Word Press installation against malicious anonymous users on the Internet, so should only be done after the initial installation is complete and anonymous user creation is turned off.

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