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The Tinder version is virtually identical, only more graphic.

He's also a New York Times best-selling author and a motivational speaker with legions of devoted fans.

Shortly after he published his book "Natural Cures 'They' Don’t Want You to Know About," the superstar TV pitchman, best-selling author, and motivational speaker was awoken from a deep slumber. As his longtime friend Ed Foreman puts it, “The higher up the flagpole the monkey goes, the better you can see his rear end.” For Trudeau and his steadfast admirers, of whom a great many remain, his conviction is simply confirmation of what he’s been warning us about for years: that “they” — a shadowy conspiracy of powerful forces, including the government, the pharmaceutical industry, and purveyors of processed food, along with a murky international cabal of power elites — are determined to silence him at all costs.

To understand not only how one of the most successful salesmen in history wound up sentenced to more time behind bars than some violent offenders but also why so many people still support him, Business Insider interviewed numerous friends, associates, and fans of Trudeau’s, and spoke to the legal authorities who pursued him for so long.

An infomercial is a form of television commercial, which generally includes a toll-free telephone number or website.

Most often used as a form of direct response television (DRTV), long-form infomercials are typically or minutes in length.

They will be wearing sunglasses — odd, given the late hour — and black or navy suits. It’s a Wednesday afternoon in September, and we’re sitting in a small conference room just off the expansive visiting area of FPC Montgomery, a minimum-security prison located on the well-tended grounds of Maxwell Air Force Base, in Montgomery, Alabama, where Trudeau has resided since the spring of 2014.

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