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In other words, the age of consent in Georgia doesn't matter -- it only matters if you are married or not. Have you ever noticed that legislators never remove bad laws -- they just stay on the books.By LAURA DOUGLAS-BROWN Attorneys hope a legal case involving two heterosexual teens caught in a sexual act by one of their mothers will end up overturning a Georgia law that makes all sexual relationships between unmarried people -- including all gay sex -- illegal.His charitable activism and advocacy includes his current work as Chief Impact Officer for Trillium Family Services, where he founded the "Keep Oregon Well" campaign to eliminate social stigma surrounding mental health through music and the arts. Lynn's paternal grandmother, La Vanda Mae Fielder, was a piano and vocal instructor who worked out of her home. This resulted in Lynn's family living on the road for much of his childhood and later changing their permanent residence several times.In 1981, at the age of 2, Lynn and his parents moved from his birthplace of Lubbock, Texas to York, Nebraska, where they spent the next eight years.

He returned to Oklahoma for his final year of high school and joined the school band there.[EDITOR: We expressed disbelief at this law in the past and received many emails telling us that even though the law was in place, it was not used -- and never would be used.Our argument was that this was another one of those "problems" that could surface when you least expect it.While in York, Dennis and Debby had a second son, Landon Lee Lynn (born September 1, 1984).In 1989, the family moved to Midland, Michigan, but returned to York for one year beginning in 1993.As Tipton began a more serious music career, he adopted his father's nickname, Billy, and more actively worked to pass as male by binding his breasts and padding his pants.

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