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At this time, the cabin is used as the office of the covered bridge restoration construction team.

The burglars broke a window and a lock to get inside, but left empty-handed, unable to remove the computers which were there.

It doesn't grow anywhere else on my property; it's growing where it grows best.

In honor of that special relationship shared by a human and companion animal, in this section I will introduce you to some remarkable people with whom I had the pleasure of working, as they sought to improve and enhance their relationships with their own dog partners...

He/she seemed almost tame and we (John, Patricia and Zelda) were able to watch it for quite a while as he/she pounced, cleaned itself and then stretched out on a log for a rest.

Tom Burnham and his family also saw a Bobcat, on Sunday the 14th in their yard on Ragin Road. They are very shy and hard to see, but these two may be "kittens" just learning to fend form themselves.

Snowy went onto Rainbow Bridge, her wings opened and she took off to start her next journey, she will wait patiently to meet Trish and all her friends there at the Bridge, she will be missed.

Our hearts are heavy but it is the memories that will lift them all to new heights. I have always been blessed with the most incredible relationships with the animals in my life. Individually, each showed me something special about the traits I possessed, but could not bring to the surface without their help.

They tend to be quite stalwart when they get to pick their own spot.

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