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Each agency was hand-selected by the content team, and they are among the most established, top-earning agencies in New York.

The list also includes some of New York's up-and-coming creative companies, those that are working with the largest, most well-known brands and are creating today's major advertising campaigns.

They are a business transformation organization that utilizes technology, marketing communications, data analytics, and strategic consulting solutions to drive meaningful returns on ...

BBDO is driven to deliver compelling commercial content.

See full summary ยป L'Alpagueur is a free-lance spy from the French secret agency.

Also, although Facebook occasionally makes mistakes when shutting down ad accounts, 90% of the time there is a clear, plain, published reason for it; and just because you didn't know about it before your account was shut down doesn't make you NOT guilty (and no, your situation is probably part of the 10% exception).

Eir Date Guide to dating agencies, introduction agencies and marriage bureaux in Ireland.

Am Another Friend Dating service with listings and mailbox.

They are an agency of contrasts, big yet nimble and traditional yet innovative.

Their mission is to generate content and ideas so magical and powerful that they change the way consumers think, ...

We want to advertise our dating web-site on Facebook and Instagram, but they haven't been authorized by Facebook yet, because we are relatively new to Facebook with this product.

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