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The Białystok Ghetto uprising was a Jewish insurrection in the Białystok Ghetto against the Nazi German occupation authorities during World War II.The uprising was launched on the night of August 16, 1943 and was the second-largest ghetto uprising organized in Nazi-occupied Poland after the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of April–May 1943.

The past ten years have seen the rapid expansion of many web-based brands, and the strong have survived, having done so by refining their product in an evolutionary manner.Though each successive generation may be small in numbers, their effect has been incredible.They are fostering a literacy of design, production, and planning that informs each new model at a pace not matched by the larger brand who can be encumbered by their corporate ownership, committees, and marketing departments.For over 20 years, we have been liquidating large inventories of fine Jewellery and Swiss watches on a consignment basis, and have conducted sales in major Canadian cities.Our Auctioneers have extensive international auction experience, and are excellent resources to our consignors and buyers.The CCAA was enacted by Parliament in 1933 when the nation and the world were in the grip of an economic depression.

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