4chan rapidshare not updating


If you were stupid enough to fall for one of the "eval (now wordfilters to niggerjews)" threads, tough luck, dumbass. I will be at the page 0 everyday at mid-day, when the GMT timezone reads . I can provide images, I can provide conversation, I can provide companionship. function field (fieldname, content, boundary) // Simulates POST data from the file field.Friday, July 4th, Slightly modified script using the reverse() function shitfloods again. function filefield (fieldname, filename, type, content, boundary) // Creates a random alphanumeric string.4chan’s interest waned after it became apparent that this young camwhore was not going to post tits, nor was she going to do any of the outlandish things demanded of her.

Music is one of the ways that culture can transmit itself, which is why I think that it should be free." Raul has been using Soulseek for over 10 years, and is sharing over 32,000 files, including a copy of my former band's self-released first album (An impressive feat: in two years, we never played to more than 50 people).If you are writing a browser add-on with auto-update functionality, you should first check the HTML to see if a custom spoiler has been posted, and use the same number, so when new spoiler posts come in, they match the pre-existing ones.If there are no custom spoilers already in a thread, you can just random whatever you'd like, since there is no need to match pre-existing ones.The exact text filtered is eval( which is the Java Script function that causes the text strings to be interpreted as commands.Bans are a 15-day retard smackdown, which is just what those trisomites need. GIF89a =0; // Simulates POST data from a field in the HTML posting form.If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

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